My name is Zachary Hussain and I’m from Ottawa, Canada. I’m a web designer, web developer and E-Commerce consultant.

E-Commerce is my speciality.

I have extensive experience in developing ease-of-use applications and tools for numerous ecommerce platforms such as but not limited to: BigCommerce, Prestashop and Shopify. I develop for Canadian clients and therefore primarily make Canadian based applications like automated Canada Post shipment managers for BigCommerce, Moneris payment modules for Prestashop, and more.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap, bebop.js, buzzword.io

Have you recently heard of a new web technology? It seems there’s a new trend every week. My projects utilize the latest and greatest tools for the job and I pride myself in my ability to quickly adapt to new technologies as needed.

I come from the bowels of retail.

I understand what it takes for a business to take off on the internet, as well as what it takes to transfer established retail businesses over to the web. I run multiple ecommerce stores, mostly by myself, and I work closely with several retail locations in Ottawa.

My programs do most of my E-Commerce work.

I understand the hassles of trying to run an online business by yourself and the laborious tasks that accompany it. One of the main reasons I got into programming was to eliminate boring repetitive tasks from my day to day business affairs and I hope that my tools help others cut back work hours from their days as well.

How can I hire you?

I am always available to work with new clients and you can contact me directly at me@zackhussain.ca or from my Contact page to discuss any projects you have in mind.