Prestashop Module: Moneris Hosted PayPage (FREE)

A Free Prestashop module that allows you to accept credit cards using a Moneris Hosted PayPage (the checkout redirects to the Moneris server, and goes back to your website once the payment is complete).

If you need help setting it up, or would like me to make custom modifications, there is a small $50.00 base fee which should cover most requests. More complicated requests may be subject to an hourly rate.

  • Users get redirected to a secure Moneris server to enter their credit card informtation.
  • No SSL certificate or PCI compliance required.
  • Requires a Canadian Moneris eSelect Plus account.
  1. Log into, go to Admin > Hosted Paypage Config > Generate a new configuration.
  2. Change “Response Method” to “Sent to your server as POST.”
  3. Enter the Validation link (found in the module configuration page’s instructions) as both Approved and Declined URLs and click “Save Changes.”
  4. On the updated Paypage config page, check “Enhanced Cancel” and click Save Changes.
  5. On the updated Paypage config page, click Configure Securiy
  6. Click “Enable Transaction Verification” and enter the same Validation link as above.
  7. Click Save Verification Changes
  8. Copy and paste the ps_store_id and hpp_key in the module configuration
  • 2.0.1
    • Add compatibility with Prestashop 1.7
  • ¬†2.0.0
    • Add currency conversion option
    • Security features and bug fixes


Disclaimer: This product is available as is. I am not responsible for the overall security of your website. You should always double check if payments indeed went through before shipping out orders. Reselling and/or redistributing is strictly prohibited.