Custom Prestashop Module

I’m a Canadian Prestashop developer based in Ottawa, ON.

A custom Prestashop module is a .zip file that can be installed in a Prestashop store to provide a certain functionality. Several modules can be found on my website that can do tasks like generate shipping labels or process credit cards.

This is a premium service that I provide for many businesses who seek my expertise in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the Prestashop framework itself (including the Smarty templating engine) as well as E-Commerce management and development.

This service comes at a premium price, yet still very competitive in North American markets. While every project will vary in price, it is not uncommon to be spending between $750-$1500 for a standard module with basic functionality. If this price seems a little on the steep side, then perhaps this is not the right service for your business (and it is best we find that out sooner rather than later!).

Requesting a Custom Prestashop module

It’s a good idea to already have a clear idea of exactly what you wish to accomplish with your custom module.

You can request an estimate by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, and further discussions will be had by email.

Please enter your contact details and message below and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.