Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The module is asking me for a serial number, but I did not receive one.

A: You should have received a serial code in the email receipt sent to the address given during checkout. If you still did not receive it, contact me and I will manually verify your order and issue you a new serial.

Q: Can you build me a module?

A: You can definitely send me module requests. I will review your request and determine if it is do-able or not, as well as an estimate of how much it should end up costing you.

Q: Can I have a customized version of your modules?

A: If you’d like me to make modifications to the look and functionality of a module, contact me and I will gladly discuss the modifications and give you a quote.

Q: My Moneris credit card form is not showing up on the checkout page!

A: This is caused by one of two things: 1. You are not using an SSL certificate and/or have HTTPS disabled. 2. You did not declare a default currency under Localization > Currencies and/or you do not have a currency with the ISO code “CAD”.

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